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statgenGxE is an R package providing functions for Genotype by Environment (GxE) analysis for data of plant breeding experiments.

The following types of analysis can be done using statgenGxE:

  • Mixed model analysis of GxE table of means
  • Finlay-Wilkinson Analysis
  • AMMI Analysis
  • GGE Analysis
  • Identifying mega environments
  • Stability measures
  • Modeling of heterogeneity of genetic variances and correlations

statgenGxE has extensive options for summarizing and visualizing the results of the analyses. For a full overview of all options it is best to read the vignette


  • Install from CRAN:
  • Install latest development version from GitHub (requires remotes package):
remotes::install_github("Biometris/statgenGxE", ref = "develop", dependencies = TRUE)